Clavis Journal Submission Guidelines

Clavis is an annual occult journal exploring the diverse traditions of the Magical Art, intended to serve as a resource for the serious occult student and practitioner. The publication also intends the furtherance of occult text, image, and symbol as a distinct esoteric literary tradition, and this approach extends to design and craftsmanship of the diverse forms of the printed word.

Guidelines: General

Annunciation 2000, by José Luis Rodríguez Guerra

Annunciation 2000, by José Luis Rodríguez Guerra

Clavis seeks written and graphical works of interest to the serious occult scholar and practitioner. Contributions should display originality, insight, artistry, and discipline in their respective fields of study. We seek work displaying creative approaches to the Magical Arts, rather than merely collating information, but also having a scholarly approach.

Topics falling within the thematic ambit of Clavis include Hermeticism, Alchemy, Folk Magic, Magical History, Comparative and Esoteric Religion, Folklore, Mysticism, Charming Studies, Grimoria, Magical Philosophy, Gnosticism, Astrology, Thelema, Witchcraft and Sorcery, Shamanism, Buddhist and Hindu Tantra, Necromancy, Herbalism, and newly-emergent fields of syncretic magical practice. New English translations of obscure magical texts from any era and culture are especially sought, as are articles by scholar-practitioners.

Authors should have a thorough command of their subject matter, and be aware of its place in relation the works of others writing on the subject. Internet citations are discouraged.

We prefer first rights for submissions, i.e., preference is given those articles written especially for Clavis or which have not appeared elsewhere. Works which have appeared elsewhere will however be considered, especially if they are revised or expanded over their original form, or if their first publication was obscure. Extracts from longer previously-published academic works will be considered if the style and subject matter is appropriate. As with all submissions, it is best to contact the editors in advance of submission for a more thorough assessment of the proposed work.

Adhering to the principle that the meaning of ‘occult’ is ‘concealed’ or ‘hidden’, Clavis intends focus upon our contributors’ work rather than the authors themselves; nor is the journal intended to advance the claims or agendas of academic institutions, occult orders, or political factions. Nor is Clavis intended as a forum of popular occultism or venue of social networking. Overly informal, undocumented, or derivative works will be rejected.

Although Clavis prefers not to focus on personalities, biographical articles or interviews concerning obscure or deceased figures important to occult traditions will however be considered, especially if they confine their foci to that individual’s specific contributions to the Art Magical.

Written Submissions: Guidelines

Proposals: It is recommended that potential writers contact the editors in advance before submitting to discuss proposed work. A précis of the work should be prepared in advance and be readily available in electronic format (see below for formats). Unsolicited authors should also submit a Curriculum Vitae showing all significant work to date.

Article Length: 3,000-8,000 words. For longer submissions, please contact the editors prior to submission. While we prefer not to serialize works, such would be considered for submissions of sufficient merit.

Electronic File Format: Microsoft Word.

Font and Spacing: Times New Roman 12 point, single spacing.

Footnotes: Please use footnote style rather than endnote style, with numeric sequence of notes occurring throughout the text in superscript.

Artwork: Authors are encouraged to submit graphics to accompany their work, both for support of the textual corpus and to assist in apposite design. In cases where no artwork is provided, artwork may be sourced by Clavis to accompany the written submission.

For further information on guidelines for written works, please see our CLAVIS Citation Style Guide PDF.

Graphic Submissions

Graphics may be submitted as illustrations to accompany written submissions, as Cover Art, or as stand-alone pieces. Both color and black and white graphics are accepted.

Where source material from museums, libraries, or other archives is provided to accompany written pieces, contributors must provide written documentation for permission of use. For such images, gaining permission of use is the author’s responsibility. Where graphical source material lies in the public domain, an authorial statement to that effect must accompany submission.

We request that all graphics be provided as electronic files. 600 dpi TIFF files are preferred.

Art submissions should be sent to our Art Director at:

Guest Blogger Submissions

The CLAVIS website hosts a weblog which regularly features news, guest writers and other notices related to the art magical. Brief written pieces following the same content themes detailed in the general guidelines will be considered. 250 – 500 words accompanied by 1-3 images is ideal. Keep the written content clear and to the point. Suggestions of links or other events for blog posts will also be considered.


Art submissions:


  • Clavis Journal, Volume 2: May 15, 2013
  • Clavis Journal, Volume 3: February 1, 2014

All Clavis authors and artists are paid honoraria as well as contributor copies of the journal in which they appear. In the case of written articles, rates of compensation are determined by length of article, and whether the contribution is solicited or unsolicited. In the case of artwork, rates are determined by both area coverage as well as significance of image placement.