Clavis Vol. 4

Clavis Journal Volume 4


Publication Date: October 31, 2016

Standard Edition — $40
112 pages, Softcover, sewn, heavy stock, full color illustrations, featuring the cover image Carnival Insectvora by Madeline VonFoerster.

Deluxe Hardcover Edition — $110.00
Limit one copy per subscriber
. Green paper over boards with slipcase, featuring an enclosed original limited edition woodblock print of Amanita muscaria by Liv Rainey-Smith, signed and numbered, and executed in blood red ink. Limited to 131 copies only.

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The Green Key is the central arcanum of Clavis Volume 4, contemplating the intersection of the plant world with the occult arts, and is 112 pages. Artists featured in this volume are Madeline VonFoerster, Marzena Ablewska, Robert Stephen Connett, Johnny Decker Miller, Santiago Caruso, Andrzej Masianis, Janelle McKain, Tom Allen, John Kleckner and Marlene Seven Bremner.

Articles in The Green Key include an analysis of Picatrix incense formulae by Catamara Rosarium, ‘Polyphasic Consciousness’, by Lee Morgan, Daniel A. Schulke’s ‘The Spirit Meadow’, Dale Pendell’s alchemical paean ‘Love Alchemy and Demon Work,’ Harold Roth’s article ‘Curating the Magical Garden,’ ‘The Fairy Springs’ by Radomir Ristic, ‘Old Crone Tree of the Dark Edges’ by Corinne Boyer, a new translation of a Norwegian conjuration of the Devil by Fredrik Eytzinger, ‘A Casket of Green Poyson, Newly Open’d’ by John Maplet, and a previously unpublished alchemical treatise by Ibn Umail, translated with commentary by Darius Klein.

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